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Manufacturer of door and window profiles and window profiles, industrial pipes, square and rectangular cans in various dimensions

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Arash Profile Industry Company

“Selling is not the end of our business but the beginning of a commitment

Arash Profiles Industry Company, with over six years of experience in manufacturing, is one of the largest independent manufacturers of industrial profiles, cans and pipes. Our technical team of engineers is proud to provide the best service in this field. . Arash Profiles Industry Company is proud to be one of the pioneers of this industry in the country and in the future we will constantly upgrade our products according to customers’ requests and expectations.

Managed by Arash Profil Industry Company, with the management of Seyed Ali Seyyed Rezai, the company seeks to provide quality domestic production and export to other countries, relying on skilled and skilled domestic production.

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The ability to issue invoices online and purchase products at day rates along with the complete ordering and shipping process are among the features of this app.


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Online payment is available with no deposit limit to deposit invoice, check deposit and manual deposit in the application.


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Ability to chat and chat online with Arash profile industry experts for price queries, submissions and more.


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